where is Sivota

In Sivota from May to October you can have….a beach of your own,exept August and small part of July  you might have to share it with others

aboyt ena

“Sivota has again lured us back for the 4th time in as many years. I wonder why? Charmingly Greek,tranquil and addictive.” Μike Hyde,Llandudno,N.W.LL 3ONT U.K.
Where is Sivota?

Sivota is a small village in Epirus,by the

Ionian Sea,North Western Greece

(Between Parga and Igoumenitsa) opposite

Corfu Island.  ( see map )


How do I get there?
From Parga,you come by car,taxi,or motorbike.
Its 28 kilometers.
There is new scenic road by the coast with hardly any traffic.
Very few visitors know
about this road as there are no signs yet.Its really a very pleasant drive.
From Parga’s bus terminal,take the road to Anthousa, Agia,Perdika,and Sivota.
From Igoumenitsa you come by,car,taxi,or Bus to Sivota.
From overseas,by plane,or boat.
The nearest Airport to Sivota is Corfu,or Preveza
about 90km south.And there are car Ferries from Italy
( Brindisi,Bari,Ancona,Venice) arriving to Igoumenitsa Port
Igoumenitsa Port
From Igoumenitsa after 20 minutes drive
to the south  you arrive in Sivota.
On the way to Sivota,about 4km from Igoumenitsa
Sivota village still is about 18km from there.
The municipality of Sivota is comprised of
the villages:Plataria,Fascomilia,Skorpiona,
Argirotopo,Polineri,and Sivota.
To go to SIVOTA VILLAGE itself,keep
going south,and as you pass the village
Plataria,you turn right for Sivota 12km.



For more information about Sivota contact:

The Municipality of  Igoumenitsa



Tourist information   Kiosk as you enter Sivota.

During the summer months only


E.O.T.Igoumenitsa(Regional office of National Tousism Organization)Tel.0030/2665022227

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